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Posted by Roy and Gavin on

Welcome to our new site and thank you for taking the time to browse what we have to offer.

When our executive chef Roy first immigrated to the United States, he could not kick his craving for the traditional South African meats he grew up on. After hours and hours of trial and error, he finally landed on a home-made recipe for biltong and boerewors. This was never intended to be sold to the general public. Rather, it was for personal consumption! But, as more friends and family joined him in the United States, so did their craving for these delicious foods. And being the gracious host he is, Roy would often share his home-made creations. That's when the requests started coming in. And with the magic recipe Roy had established, they did not stop.

We at firmly believe first and foremost that we have the best biltong and boerewors available for purchase. We created this site after being pushed by our friends and family due to the supreme quality of the product. We never expected meat to be nationally and even globally sampled, this site is the result of a desire to satisfy our loyal customers. 

So, we offer you the opportunity to experience 25 years of honing a true passion. We aim to provide the same exceptional customer service we did when you could simply call us at home and ask for "a pound of biltong and some boery for my braai." And if you like what you see and taste, please let us know!

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

-Roy and Gavin